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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
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Drive Leasing

Why Lease With Us?

Drive Leasing is Muskoka-based, serving clients all across Ontario.

We provide vehicles and equipment that meet your personal and commercial needs with an outstanding commitment to quality, service and trust.

We are well-versed in understanding the needs of seasonal industries and small companies. For example, our Drive Leasing financial team takes into consideration that fluctuating cash-flow is common in the trades when we develop our leasing contracts.

For all your lifestyle needs, Drive Leasing will help find the solution that works for you.

Commercial Lease Program

Start by telling us what your business needs to thrive and we will supply you with the best possible options!
Business owners will enjoy the flexibility, cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with leasing a vehicle and/or equipment.
We are experts in seasonal industries and small companies. Our Drive Leasing financial team understands that conserving cash-flow is paramount for most businesses. At Drive Leasing we forward all manufacture cash-backs, incentives, rebates, and discounts to you. Here just a few examples of the types of commercial vehicles and equipment available to you.


  • Sedans, Hatchbacks, MiniVans and SUVs
  • Pick Up Trucks of All Sizes
  • Dump Trucks
  • Delivery Vans, Cube Vans
  • Tow Trucks


  • Excavators, Tractors, Trailers
  • Cherry Pickers, Lifts
  • Snow Plows, Salters
  • Lawn Mowers, Chippers, Stumpers

Personal Lease Program

Let Drive Leasing help you find the right vehicle for your day-to-day life, whether your needs are entirely practical, or slightly more luxurious. Perhaps you’ve moved to cottage country and need a vehicle with all-wheel drive or maybe you’re moving to the city and need a compact car.
Is your family expanding, or downsizing? Whatever your needs, let Drive Leasing set you up with theright car, truck or SUV for you and your gang.
Drive Leasing can also source exotic and luxury lines to connect you with your ultimate dream car.

Advantages Of Leasing

  • Customers are able to enjoy the use of a vehicle for a set period of time.
  • In most cases, the monthly payment is less than a loan toward owning the vehicle
  • Taxes paid only on the monthly payment, rather than on the full price of the vehicle
  • Customers reap the benefits of having a new vehicle and updated equipment on a regular basis
  • Customers may enjoy the peace of mind in knowing their vehicle is under warranty throughout the entire period of time
  • Customers don’t invest large sums in a single vehicle

Drive Leasing Benefits


New and used options, any model, any make, any year


Ontario-wide delivery, contribute money anytime, buyout lease anytime, penalty-free


No fees for routine wear and tear, flexible terms, competitive rates, no kilometre restrictions, optional customized, seasonal payment plans


Tell us the exact unit you want to lease, or we can source exactly what you are looking for

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